9/25/2020, Crowdfunding for "Broken Time of Bharata" - a short movie


Do you know Aedan’s owner Mariko Grady ‘s ex job?

It was as a theater performer!
She worked with the director Hiroshi Koike for 30 years, and now he is trying to make a movie for the first time! I put the promotion video here, how beautiful it is!

And here is the message from a production member below. If you want to support them, please join the crowdfunding.
Broken Time of Bharata - a short movie based on The Mahabharata, an ancient Indian epic guiding humanity about the art of war and life - Directed by performance art director Hiroshi Koike and shot by visual story-teller Seijiro Suzuki - CHECK OUT OUR NEWEST TEASER!
COVID-19 stopped us from gathering in Tokyo this year to perform this grand epic on stage. However, thanks to support from
The Japan Foundation 国際交流基金, we have been able to create an international film outdoors!
We are still looking for more support to pay our performers and
and cover accommodation costs for on-location shoots in Japan. Most has been covered by the performers themselves.
We are CROWDFUNDING and providing some awesome returns - T-shirts and furoshiki, lessons by our performers, a screening in the heart of Tokyo. We have 7 days left of crowdfunding and are so close to reaching our goal of 1 million yen!
For more information about SUPPORTing this INDEPENDENT art-film project visit our crowdfunding page (it's in Japanese so if you have any questions please DM me.

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