6/9/2019, If you have a chance, please check this event!


If you have a chance, please check this event!‎

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Mariko Grady, Aedan Fermented Foods ill be holding a
Shio Koji Tofu with Dengaku Miso workshop
Admission: $25, and includes admission to the Soy and Tofu Festival.

Limited seating. Get your tickets today! http://bit.ly/2K6IolK

Shiokoji (salted rice malt), a traditional condiment made from fermented malted rice, salt and water, has started coming to the attention of more people when enzyme diets became popular. Shiokoji has been used as condiment for fish and vegetable tsukemono (Japanese pickles) in Japan for a long time. But recently, it is being used in a variety of ways.


Photo credit: Erin Ng

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