4/11/2019, Learning Japanese traditional pantry and making miso at BDK America.


Let's join our Miso making class on May 22nd!


About workshop:
Join the hands-on Miso (味噌) making workshop lead by Mariko Grady, the founder of Aedan (the award winning traditional Japanese fermented foods producer). Mariko will bring Aedan’s freshly made Organic Rice Koji (麹: an essential living culture for the Japanese Pantry) and Organic Soy Beans to share the Japanese traditions.
You will take home 4 pounds of baby miso of your choice.

A. Country miso (made from organic rice koji, barley koji, and organic soy beans)
B. White miso (The most common and widely produced type of miso. made of organic soybeans, sea salt, and organic rice koji)
C. Kyoto sweet miso, (this miso is popular for its lightly sweet gentle flavor. A low salt content and higher rice koji to soybean ratio) +$10 to make Kyoto sweet miso for the extra koji.

Your baby miso will be fully mature after six months of aging at home. Also a beautifully handcrafted fermentation jar made just for this workshop (optional) is available. The high fired iron-rich clay jar gives the best environment for the baby miso, and it last for your life time.

This workshop includes:
1) Hand crafted 4lb baby miso.
2) Stories of the traditional Japanese method of koji (麹) fermentation,
3) Tasting different kinds of misos and koji products,
4) Hands-on workshop of learning how to make your own Miso. (We mash the freshly cooked soy beans, koji and salt together!)

When: May 22 (Wed.) 10:00 - 11:30a.m.
Cost: $65 (for 4lb. miso) /+$10 for Kyoto sweet miso
You can order a handcrafted miso fermenting jar directly from an artist for $100 (Sold $180+ at a gallery) If you like to order a jar, please let me know by May 5.
Where: BDK America meeting house in Berkeley
What to bring: an apron and a big jar (about 1/2gallon)
Contact: https://www.facebook.com/events/342159859748822/

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