12/19/2018, We will have a miso making class on 2/10/2019 at Preserved.



Learn the basics of making traditional miso paste, and why it's worth the six month wait!
We will begin with a TASTING and DISCUSSION of traditional Japanese foods fermented with koji, including miso, amazake, pickles and more! Then we will get HANDS-ON and mash together our own batch of miso from freshly cooked soy beans, koji and salt. Each student will TAKE HOME a quart size jar of miso to ferment at home for a minimum of 6 months.
Led by Mariko Grady, the founder of Aedan, a local company making traditional Japanese fermented foods.

All students will recieve a 10% discount on post-workshop purchases in our store. Thanks for taking the next step in preserving your connection to food.
The minimum age for our workshops is 14 years old.


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