8/17/2017, Please join our workshop on 9/20


Please join our workshop.
You can learn about many variety of Koji fermented products.

Two Japanese wisdom of nourishments: making miso & matcha
When: Wednesday, September 20 at 1 PM - 4 PM
Location: BDK America
Address: 2620 Warring St, Berkeley, California 94704


1:00 p.m.
Learn how to make 'miso', the Japanese traditional wisdom of Koji's fermentation. You can take a jar of miso (to be) home!

Nourish your body and sprit with the serenity of tea ceremony.
A traditional Japanese everyday practice of mindfulness and health.
It takes place at the BDK America Berkeley meeting house, 2620 Warring St. Berkeley, just to the South of the Berkeley campus.
minimum enrollment 5, maximum 10.
sign-up only. Please contact nogatetea@gmail.com by 9/13.

cost $70

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